Become a Vendor

Cornish Art House Vendor Platform – How it works.

Please note that all the artwork currently on the site are just examples.

At Cornwall Tourism Office, we decided that it was about time that we created the ultimate online Cornish Art gallery experience! (along with a sister shop, ByCornwall, the ultimate Cornish product buying experience!)

We have created Cornish Art House for all of the artists hard at work creating in Cornwall.

So whether you are hand painting plates, sculpturing in stone or painting the finest oils Cornish Art House is the platform to sell it on.

Of course, the best thing is, if you don’t sell anything you don’t pay anything. And, even when you do sell something, the commission is so low we honestly wonder what we are doing! 4% as at 27/04/19, and which we would like to always like to maintain as low as possible. This is taken off your payment as it comes direct to you.

The process:

Go to and sign up as a Vendor from the link on the top right of the Cornish Art House front page. Really at this stage you are just registering interest but, please go ahead and create the basics of your gallery store.

Remember, you are not paying anything unless you load artwork on and actually sell it. There is no commitment at all to registering as a vendor.

Once we have received your sign up application we will review your artwork to ensure that it is indeed really from Cornwall, and then grant you full selling access. (Not that we think you are but we do also need to check that you are not some dodgy overseas computer robot business selling fake pharmaceuticals!)

You will then need to set up a linked Stripe Connect payment gateway account (when informed to do so), which pays directly into your bank account (about 7 days after the actual card payment).  However, you will know that the payment is genuine and has gone through pretty much instantly. In reality, if the payment hasn’t gone through, then the completed order should not have gone through.

Please note that we have no control over time period for the payment gateway and most card payment gateways take similar times. You also do not have to worry about PCI compliance as you have none of the customer’s card details sent to you. That said you do have to ensure that the access to your Stripe account and its passwords etc are secure.

When you have loaded products on, you sit back and wait for sales.

When products are actually sold, you get a payment to your Stripe account minus the commission. After 7 days’ish you get the funds automatically into your bank account.

Really it is that simple (we don’t like complicated things).

So, in essence:

  • Sign up
  • We approve your ‘Store’
  • Load up artwork
  • Create a Stripe Connect account (when advised to)
  • Wait for sales.
  • When sales happen, you get the payment through directly less the commission.
  • Sell More!

As we move forward together, you will be able to feature artwork on the front page and in the big main slider image area, for a small fee. But that’s in the future. For now let’s just move forward together!

For information on how to Sign up and Setup your store, follow this link: